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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate Ball"

"Pure Chocolate, Chocolate Ball"
Make fresh with selected chocolate, crunchy almond, chocolate chips and imported "Black Raisins and choclate cake"

" Football Field Cake"

"Football Field Cake"
1 1/2 kg Cake

"Moist Chocolate Cake"

"Moist Chocolate Cake with Buttercream topping"

"Disney Princess"

"Disney Princess"
ordered by mdm. emily for her beloved daughter on her special big day..."Happy Birthday"

"..aireen, your chocolate cupcakes superb, creamy and daughter loving it so much and all my guest asking me how make an order to you & passing out your number too..soon my cousins will call you on her order by early of december...tq again..will order from you again..thanks..."

"Hantaran Cupcakes"

"Hantaran Cupcakes"
with Dark green & white roses"

ordered by my sis-in-law for her best friend sister's wedding on 31st October 2009..It's was a special delivery to her house at Taman Anika, Klang..

"Disney Princess & Barbie"

"Disney Princess & Barbie"
"...specially request to mixed the edible picture as the little gurl have straight A' for her kindergarten school. Her wish is comes thru...."

"Baby Shower Cupcakes"

"Baby Shower" ordered by ex-schoolmate "Anulawathy" for her newborn's a baby gurl...

"...dear your cupcakes caught everyone eyes on my niece baby shower..everyone asking me your number..i'll distribute it i hope u don't mine yea..keep in touch..i love it so much..thanks again..."

"Hantaran Cupcakes for Mastura"

"Hantaran Cupcakes"
especially request by Mastura with Apple Green & white for her Wedding Theme

"...Tq so much sis, I really 'love it', it was last minute but u still can make it for my hantaran..everyone said yout cake 'cantik giler' feels like don't want to put as my hantaran..tq so much & thanks for coming as well on my big day...mastura"

Monday, November 2, 2009

"Lovely Tie"

"Lovely Tie Hamper" ordered by Dato' Ismail Md Said (Ahli Parlimen)
120pcs hamper for "Hari Raya Gift for Anak Yatim"
RM42.00 price per cookies by box is RM20.00 and RM2.00 for the miscellanious

"..wifey Dato' said it's beautiful and awesome packaging u put in, hope to deal with again...tq so much for that...Dato' Ismail"

"Festive Hamper" ordered by Emirates Airlines
RM60.00 per box
(Price range from RM55.00 to RM100.00, color of your choices)

"...the boxes caught my eyes on the 1st place (Ms. Choi) I was not expected the boxes will turn up like this as you send the pic thru MMS it's not look like this..the management were like it so much..we hope can deal with for the next celebration or any occasions....Tq so much from us "Emirates Airlines Management"..."

"Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ball"

"Chocolate Cupcakes with awesome Chocolate Ball"
RM3.00 per pcs
(minimum 16pcs)

"Chocolate Cakes"

Chocolate Cakes with Buttercream Icing 450gm

"Edible Sugar Picture Cupcakes"

RM2.70 - RM3.50 per pcs
(Minimum order 16pcs)

Edible Sugar Picture is the "Hottest Demand" now..You can request any choices picture on your demand. e.g:
-Disney Princess
- Spiderman
- Spongebob
- Upin & Ipin
- Whitney the 'Pooh'
- Ben 10
- Barbie