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Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Individual Packaging Cupcakes"

"Individual Packaging Cupcakes"

...this ordered from Sharifah, Medan Damansara & delivered to
her at 11am tapi i lambat skit 10 mins (sorry yea pada tuan rumah)..this order
pun last minute la juga..I asked whether
she need any theme color & she said ok ja apa2 color but after
that she intereted with 'Baby Blue'..request simple deco..
(ni yang pening kepala nak fikirkan apa yang simple)..hope you like it yea..

Orange ButterCakes
Buttercream Frosting with sanding sugar

"Baby Theme"

"Syaza Aleya 4th Birthday Party"

"Baby Theme"

...this ordered from my neighbours K.Ina for her beloved daughter "Syaza Aleya" is 4yrs young (26th Feb 2010)...becoz of her beloved daughter love & request a newborn baby as her suka sangat with K.Ina request i to do 'Baby Theme Cakes' this are the results..

Testimony : ..thanks dear, on the cute, superb, cantik, moist, 'sedap' cakes & my daughter suka sangat bila dia buka kotak ja terus jerit ...
(eeee cantik nyer, best la cakes ni..cantikk..)
- the cakes very moist tau, all the tetamu puji your cakes..

Thks also for the gift (25pcs Rainbow ButterCakes)..(x smpt i nak amik pic cupcakes)

Rainbow ButterCake
Buttercream Frosting & Fondant Deco

"Stomach Cakes"

"Stomach Cakes"

....this ordered come from Wi Win for her beloved
boyfriend for his 26th birthday (pick-up at Starbucks Centro, Klang at 8pm)..
"Happy Birthday to you too"..I'm not sure why ur 'sayang'
request to have the "Stomach Cakes" whether u
with 'hurrrrmmmm' stomach or saja-saja ja..hehehe
To : Wi win hope you like the cake presentation & the taste of the cake itself yea..

Oreo Chocolate Cakes
Layered by Orea Strawberry Buttercream
Covered by Buttercream + Choc Ganache & Fondant for the decoration

Testimony : (sms)..sis serius I x expected the stomach cakes turn up like tiz, cantik & the oreo cakes sedap & tak manis..all my frenz tanya beli kat mana & I dah promote ur pon no too..I sukaa sgt..birthday boy pun suka wink2 ..hehe..will come back to order next time..

'Fruit Tartlets'

"Fruit Tartlets"

...this ordered from Nora Azaliza from
Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur (dated on 24th Feb 2010)..
she request to delivered
the fruit tartlets to her house for her & family makan2..hope you
enjoyed the fruit tart yea..hehe :)

Testimony : ...'dear your fruit tartlets 'SEDAP' & very nice presentation..I will order with u some more next time with other order..

Monday, February 22, 2010


"LuLu's" dear "LuLu's" pagi2 (10am) lagi dah berjalan ikut 'NannyMa' nyer ker cucu kesayangan la katakan..cucu pertama..hehe..jangan notty2 yea LuLu & listen to NannyMa words..bukan main seronok dia ikut NannyMa nyer sampai tak pandang kat Mummy dia bila dia dah naik kereta kan..uuiiihhh...itulah kisah my little "LuLu's"..

..Last week I bawa my little LuLu go to shopping with my family..amboi seronok dia bila my youngest sister 'makuda' panggilan nyer but my sister nak merasa jadi 'kakak' so she ask LuLu tu panggil her Kakak la..bila i ask kakak tu bawa LuLu naik 'mary go round' apalagi seronok sampai gelak2 LuLu..mula2 muka macam takut skit but last2 dia yang seronok..nie some picture i dah upload for you'll..

"Fast Sales"

!6pcs (1oz) MYR20.00
Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

..Interested next time-pls emailed me your details to
Contact No.:
Date to pickup:
Quantity of Cupcakes : 9pcs/16pcs/ 25pcs

*If you want to pre-book for these extra cuppies just email me your details above
(Copy & paste)

Thanks once again on your order & support...
iReNeBaKeLoVe TeAm

"Carrot Cupcakes & Cream Cheese Frosting"

"Carrot Cupcakes"

....this ordered come from cheras and need this cutie cupcakes to be sent to IPK, Klang (Balai Polis, Klang) for Tuan Tahizi (actually) but the sender had send an wrong spelling earlier so sampai balai dah x bleh buat apa lagi la as dapat tahu pun nama nya 'Tuan Tahizi' kat balai..minta maap yea Tuan, jangan saman saya yea..hehe..saman orang yang surprise you ni k..

...semasa hantar banyak betul cabaran nya, as tanya kat balai nama Tuan Tarmizi, tapi polis kat kaunter tu kata 'Sarjan', so I pun tak sure yang mana satu and they'll ask me to naik tingkat 3, alamak xda lift plak tuh..peluh2 I naik tangga hehe..dah lama x excercise, so naik 3rd floor..sampai2 ja tanya orang tapi salah blok plak, turun balik..hehe ni betul2 penat ni..jalan sampai kat 1 lagi blok, baru betul as 'Tuan Tahizi' , Ketua Bahagian Narkotik Daerah (KBND), Klang..bila sampai kat office dia, '.....Tuan xda, ada meeting..(itulah dialog staff kat situ) I tak dapat nak merakam saat2 'Tuan Tahizi' surprised..sorry yer kepada yang mengorder cupcakes ni tau coz Tuan ada meeting..maybe next time yea..hehe


from 'Tuan Tahizi' - Tq kerana anta Cupcakes sampai ke pejabat..

me - it's Ok Tuan, as that request by the sender and to 'Tuan Tahizi Happy Birthday To You,
May God Bless you in what ever you do..Hidup PDRM...Thanks once again...

"Moist Chocolate Cakes"

Birthday Gurl 'Eija'..
(picture courtesy by aznatasya azmi)

"Moist Chocolate Cakes"

....on 20th February 2010, tasya pick-up the cakes area
my house in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam..(i-city area)
simple deco request by my dear friend "Tasya"(worked at singapore now,
so far la nak visit and I shall plan to visit u there 1 sweet day yea)

to celeb her brother birthday..hope you really enjoy my cake yeah..

..Thanks once again on your order & support
iReNeBaKeLoVe TeAm

Testimony :


.....Your moist chocolate cakes is so delicious!!Instead of giving it to my bro, i gave to 'Eija' for her belated birthday celeb with a few friends...And they all agreed that the cakes is so yummy!!I shall order the same from you again soon!!Yes I'll be your regular until I figure out how to bake these cakes on my own!!Hehe

.....Thanks again!!!

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