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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Personally Compliment by the Pretty lady on her surprise Cuppies. Replied by email :
Hi Irene.

B4 i go on, i just wanna shout out THE BEST TASTIEST CUPPIES EVA! No joke! Didn't know my husband has good taste! He really does know what me n the kids likes!

"Surprise Birthday Cuppies for the Love One"
...this order from Raja Azman at Seksyen 3, Shah Alam..He ordered 8pcs Marshmallow & 8pcs Rainbow Butter cuppies" for he beloved wifey..

Replied email by Raja Azman :
Good news! My wife said the best cuppies ever! She especially liked the rainbow flavor, the flavor was different, never tasted b4 she says. Is that butter or what flavor (forgot already)? Even the icing tastes good she says. & best of all, not too sweet, just nice!

She says she wants to order for raya nak bw balik kg to terengganu. She will be emailing you at soon of the enquiry.

Thanks so much!


Replied by Irenebakelove Team : Myself

Thank you so much for the compliment on my 'Best ever cuppies', it was my specialty recipes cuppies that deliver to you and everyone that order. Hope you will not regret to order again for any celebration, function & etc.

Hope to hear from your beloved wifey for the next upcoming order. Thank you on your order, interest & support. Insyallah we will deliver the 'Best Bakery Products that you never had before'

Thank's once again from me IRENE.

Irenebakelove Team

Fresh Strawberry Cuppies & Marble Cheese Choc Cuppies

" Gourmet Cupcakes"
...this order from Mr.Rafi on 23rd July 2010, 16pcs Fresh Strawberry Choc Cuppies with Chocolate ganache & 16pcs Chocolate Marble Cheese cupcakes for his Family Makan2 on weekend.

Rafi Comments : Morning aireen, all my family member kata cupcakes tue sedap sangat..Insyallah will order again from you..Thank you
aireen replied : Thanks on your order & interest with my cuppies, jangan lupa order fro 'Hari Raya Open House tau'...laughed : hahahahahehehhe

"Fruit Tartlets"


"Fruit Tartlets"
...this order from Sis Zalina at Murphy Oil, Malaysia on 23rd July 2010..

"Fruit Tartlets"
...this order from Brother Zul from Murphy Oil, Malaysia on 23rd July 2010