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Friday, July 9, 2010

'LuLu' sitting by her own back-seat

Surprise Deliver to Someone Special

"Chocolate Cupcakes Frosting Oreo Crumb Buttercream & Top with Fresh Strawberry for someone Special"
...this ordered specially made for En.Syazwan Fazlee at HQ, Digi, Subang Hi-Tech..(Deliver to his office on 9th July 2010 after Friday Prayer)..from his beloved girlfriend "Nisha Zainal"..

Wedding Cakes & Cuppies

..Both hantaran ordered by Wanie, Kota Warisan for her sister 'Engagement Day'..from Pengantin Lelaki is 'Blue Theme' & Pengantin Perempuan plak 'Green Theme'..Hope semua nya berjalan dgn lancar & diberkati oleh NYA...

"Blue Theme - Hantaran Tiramisu Moist Chocolate Cakes"

"Green Theme - Hantaran Cupcakes"

Packaging (Boxes on Sale)

12 holes Packaging

4 holes Packaging

Individual packaging (Window)

16 Holes 3 3/4oz

25 holes packaging 2oz & 2.5oz            16 holes Packaging 2.oz & 2.5oz
Window individual Packaging (Side)

Window Side & Top Individual Pacakging

Pls email me to quote the price in large amount of order at

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 19th Birthday to Izainudin

"Moist Chocolate Cakes"
...ordered by Nur Ruzaina from Penang (as Izainudin mother told me) for her friend (Izainudin at Sementa, Klang) the cakes to her mother as the Birthday Boy still at school (Upper Six, STPM)..Best Wishes to 'Birthday Boy' may GOD Blessings always be with you & From us: Irenebakelove Team wish you 'Good Luck to you on your Undertaking'

Monday, July 5, 2010

Irenebakelove Homemade Cookies 2010

Salam All, Irenebakelove Homemade Cookies Comes again.. Pls make your arrangment to order the cookies for 2010 Hari Raya Celebration..Pls email me your order & we also do the delivery to your office 2 weeks before you on leave for your Hari Raya Celebration..It's cheaper, cheapers & cheapest price & worth it..

Irene's BakeLove Homemade Cookies (Large Packaging)

Mazola 65pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Buah Gajus 70pcs RM28.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Almond Cookies 85pcs RM25.00 per box

Broken Heart 70pcs RM25.00 per box

Almond Suji 90pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Chocolate Ball 55pcs RM25.00 per box

Almond Chocolate Cookies 65pcs RM25.00 per box

Chocolate Chips 55pcs RM25.00 per box

Love Boat 55pcs RM25.00 per box

Manik 60pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Melati 65pcs RM25.00 per box

Makmur 55pcs RM28.oo per box (best selling!!!traditional cookies!!!)

Pineapple Tarts 50pcs RM28.00 per box (Top selling!!!)

Roll Tarts 55pcs RM28.00 per box (Top Selling!!!)

Royal Chocolate 55pcs RM28.00 per box

Samprit 65pcs RM28.00 per box

Samprit Chocolate 70pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Snowball 54pcs RM25.00 per box

Suji Gajus 65pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Coffee Fingers 80pcs RM25.00 per box

Suji 75pcs RM25.00 per box

London Almond 55pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Biskut Bangkit Kelapa 50pcs RM25.00 per box (Top selling!!!)

others : Pelbagai Kerepek ON SALE, pls email or SMS me to enquiry...

J.Co Donuts our Family All time favourite

"Activity - Lunch at Pavilion & bought the J.Co Donuts for my beloved 'LuLu' "
...omg once i bagi dia makan that donuts tgklah how many left over..4pcs she ate..after I took this picture she ate another dear 'LuLu' comel & comot..hahaha..Our family All time favourite as when we travel to Bandung (2007) we found this yummy gummy J.Co Donuts, FYI that year J.Co not really have branches in Malaysia..

Sunday, July 4, 2010





Ultraman VS Monster

"Ultraman VS Monster"
...ordered by Zalila, Shah Alam to celebrate her son birthday on 4th July, 2010..Ultraman Cakes is her son choice..Hope the boy enjoy with the cakes..

The session of blewing the candle...pppfffuuuhhhh...