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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Assalamuallaikum & Hi to everyone out there,

During this coming 'Fasting Months' IreneBakeLove Team(IBLT) will organising the Baking Classes on weekend for house wife at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam to fullfill their weekend during 'Fasting Months' dated 14th August 2010 (Saturday) , 15th August 2010 (Sunday) , 21st August 2010 (Saturday) & 22nd August 2010 (Sunday).

Schedules Classes listed as below:

14th August 2010    - Blueberry Cheese Tart & Fruit Tartlets
(Saturday)                 RM55.00 per pax
                                  Start at : 10am till finished
Participants register : 1) Norhayati
                                     2) Kak Ani
                                     3) Kak Ain (Kemuning Utama)
                                     4) Kak Julie

- Classes Cancel

15th August 2010   - Basic Cupcakes (Buttercream)
(Sunday)                   RM55.00 per pax
                                  Start at : 10am till finished

- Classes Cancel

21st August 2010  - Cream Puff & Fancy Cookies
(Saturday)               (Royal Icing) RM55.00 per pax
                                  Start at : 10am till finished        

- Classes reschedule, pls contact aireen    

22nd August 2010 - Blueberry Cheese Tart & Fruit Tartlets
(Sunday)                  RM55.00 per pax
                                 Start at : 10am till finished

- Classes reschedule, pls contact aireen

* Classes officially 'ON', once received min 10 paxs participants for the Baking Classes.

* Optional Baking classes after 2pm above for Irenebakelove Homemade 2010 Cookies, If interested I will revert and update in my blog different classes fees will apply. Need to majority participants on what they'll interest in.

* Noted : RM5.00 from the Classes Fees will be donated to Joint Management Body (JMB) Blok Qaseh, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam for the utilities premises.

* Pls SMS or email me on your interest to join the 'Baking Classes' during this coming 'Fasting Month' at 012-655 9025, 017-655 9025 & 012-914 5151

T&C: Strictly 'NO' children will accompany their mother during classes.

Things to bring:
- Small kitchen knife
- Apron & Hand Towel
- Pen & Notebook

Thank you on your interest & support.
IreneBakeLove Team (IBLT)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Moist Chocolate Cuppies frosted with Choclate Ganache

36pcs SDC

...this order from Rusnita (ende' org pahang panggil) on 8th August 2010..for her makan2 before puasa..
Thank you on your order & support..

MMDC Cuppies with Animal Figurines

"Parent for the Aqiqah - Hannah"
...Thank you for the nice picture and on your order & support

from: IreneBakeLove Team (IBLT)

"Animal Figurines on MMDC Vanilla & Moist Chocolate Cuppies"
...this order last minute from Isya from Cheras on 8th August 2010 for her sister kenduri "Cukur Jambul" by 8pm...125pcs MMDC Garden Theme with Animal figurines on top..So means that the whole sunday until 7pm I siapkan juga ordernya..Alhamdulillah...

Bumble Bees & Butterfly

Worms & Lady Bird

Lady Bird , Bumble Bees & Worms

Worms & Lady Birds

First SMS rec'd from Isya : "Irene, thx so much for d cuppies n d effort plus nak amik order last minute..Ramai org cakap sedap & cute..I x smpt rasa or makan anything pun smlm..Japg bru nak rasa, da siap reserve sket da :) Thx so much..

Reply from Irene: "Thx to you too..actually tak sampai hati nak tolak..lagi pun dah nak bulan puasa & nak buat cukur jambul kan...heheh..sorry yea lmbt siap ja smlm"

2nd SMS rec'd : "Irene owh ireneeee...Figurine & cuppies tu sedap...macam mkn gula yang best...:) baru rasa tadi...

Reply from Irene : "Thanks so much"...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Regular Order by Nurul, Prudentials


100pcs Fruit Tarlets

75pcs Blueberry Cheese Tart

...another order from kak Nurul, Prudentials untuk kenduri dirumahnya and her mother dah pesan awal2 nak order tartlets kat I, jangan order kat orang lain - kata kak nurul..on 7th August 2010 pickup at Petronas A&W, Shah Alam at 6pm..

SMS rec'd : "Salam aireen, u nak tau tak..sampai ke hari ni org duk bcakap pasal ur tart..tanya harga la..smlm I dok promosi ur tart berebut2 makan..siap sorok2..sampai terlupa ada sorok satu tray..tu pun berebut u tunggu our order for raya...hehehe
(Nurul, Prudentials)

Irene reply : "Alhamdulillah kak, thanks so much on your compliment..insyallah I cuba accept your order lagi"

Long-Lost Friend

"My Long Lost Friend"
...this order from Yati, Shah Alam on 7th August 2010..She order 16pcs with edible images 'Ben-10' with Marble Cheese Cupcakes (Simple deco jer) and Blueberry Cheese Tart..
Dah alang2 datang pickup kat umah I, rezeki dia dapat tapau Cream Puff and makan few cupcakes & tartlets..Lenkali datang lagi ek..

Thank my dear friend on your order & support..

Birthday Party - Barney Theme Fancy Cookies

"Barney Fancy Cookies with Sticks"
...this order from Mimi, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam..on 7th August 2010 for her birthday boy 1st birthday party..Barney Theme..

Thank on your order & support

Birthday Party Treats

50pcs Cream Puff = MYR 30.00

50pcs Fruit Tartlets = MYR 40.00

"Birthday Party Treats by Zalina"
...this order by NorZalina, Shah Alam on 7th August 2010, pick-up at Wisma Jakel,Shah Alam at 11am..for her daughter birthday Party..

Thank you on your order & support..

Happy Birthday Cuppies

"Marble Cheese Cuppies for Sall Father-In-Law"
...this ordered by Sallwana, KFC Holding, KL..(my BFF) on 6th August 2010 and celebration on 7th August 2010..So lovely menantu orderkan cuppies ek..Self-picked at I-City, Shah Alam that nights after she visit the I-City as my house near the I-City..Sesiapa yang nak order cakes or cupcakes after berjalan2 di I-City then bleh pick-up at my house area...hehehe

Thank you on your order & support

SMS rec'd : " Beb aku dah makan cupcakes, Sedap gleee.."
Irene reply: "Thanks beb, lenkali bleh order lagi..."

Fancy Cookies for Birthday Girl

"Girly Fancy Cookies"
...this ordered by Fateha Anuan (relative to my customer Arnilla from Simedarby, USJ) on 6th August 2010..she ordered 50pcs Pink & Purple theme fancy Cookies for her Sister daughter birthday party on 7th August 2010..
Thank you on your order & support Fateha...

Email Testimonial :
kak aireen,

Thanks for the cookies, it was so lovely. my sister like it very much..thanks!

Irene Reply:
To : Fateha & Family
..thank you on your order & support..hope to hear again from you oolllzzzz..k

Blueberry Cheese Cakes

"Congratulations Blueberry Cheese Cakes"
...this ordered from my regular customer Syidah from Angkasa, Kelana Jaya..Actually order for her brother/sister punya birthday lupa plak..on 26th June 2010 tapi ditunda (as the birthday boy/girl kena outstation as cake ni sebenarnya nak surprise-Kantoi) tarikh berikut nyer on 30th July 2010 then ditunda lagi (tarikh yang diminta 3rd August 2010 to busy with order-Irene) then last date yang cfrm is on 5th August 2010..Alhamdulillah Blueberry Cheese Cakes selamat sampai kerumah nyer 8.45pm on 5th August 2010 on Thursday..she request to write-on 'Congratulations' then I tanya then she answer me that the cakes for her friend yang leaving for a better job..Last2 cakes untuk her friend..hehehe