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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Assalamuallaikum & Hi to everyone out there,

During this coming 'Fasting Months' IreneBakeLove Team(IBLT) will organising the Baking Classes on weekend for house wife at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam to fullfill their weekend during 'Fasting Months' dated 14th August 2010 (Saturday) , 15th August 2010 (Sunday) , 21st August 2010 (Saturday) & 22nd August 2010 (Sunday).

Schedules Classes listed as below:

14th August 2010    - Blueberry Cheese Tart & Fruit Tartlets
(Saturday)                 RM55.00 per pax
                                  Start at : 10am till finished
Participants register : 1) Norhayati
                                     2) Kak Ani
                                     3) Kak Ain (Kemuning Utama)
                                     4) Kak Julie

- Classes Cancel

15th August 2010   - Basic Cupcakes (Buttercream)
(Sunday)                   RM55.00 per pax
                                  Start at : 10am till finished

- Classes Cancel

21st August 2010  - Cream Puff & Fancy Cookies
(Saturday)               (Royal Icing) RM55.00 per pax
                                  Start at : 10am till finished        

- Classes reschedule, pls contact aireen    

22nd August 2010 - Blueberry Cheese Tart & Fruit Tartlets
(Sunday)                  RM55.00 per pax
                                 Start at : 10am till finished

- Classes reschedule, pls contact aireen

* Classes officially 'ON', once received min 10 paxs participants for the Baking Classes.

* Optional Baking classes after 2pm above for Irenebakelove Homemade 2010 Cookies, If interested I will revert and update in my blog different classes fees will apply. Need to majority participants on what they'll interest in.

* Noted : RM5.00 from the Classes Fees will be donated to Joint Management Body (JMB) Blok Qaseh, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam for the utilities premises.

* Pls SMS or email me on your interest to join the 'Baking Classes' during this coming 'Fasting Month' at 012-655 9025, 017-655 9025 & 012-914 5151

T&C: Strictly 'NO' children will accompany their mother during classes.

Things to bring:
- Small kitchen knife
- Apron & Hand Towel
- Pen & Notebook

Thank you on your interest & support.
IreneBakeLove Team (IBLT)

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