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Monday, August 9, 2010

MMDC Cuppies with Animal Figurines

"Parent for the Aqiqah - Hannah"
...Thank you for the nice picture and on your order & support

from: IreneBakeLove Team (IBLT)

"Animal Figurines on MMDC Vanilla & Moist Chocolate Cuppies"
...this order last minute from Isya from Cheras on 8th August 2010 for her sister kenduri "Cukur Jambul" by 8pm...125pcs MMDC Garden Theme with Animal figurines on top..So means that the whole sunday until 7pm I siapkan juga ordernya..Alhamdulillah...

Bumble Bees & Butterfly

Worms & Lady Bird

Lady Bird , Bumble Bees & Worms

Worms & Lady Birds

First SMS rec'd from Isya : "Irene, thx so much for d cuppies n d effort plus nak amik order last minute..Ramai org cakap sedap & cute..I x smpt rasa or makan anything pun smlm..Japg bru nak rasa, da siap reserve sket da :) Thx so much..

Reply from Irene: "Thx to you too..actually tak sampai hati nak tolak..lagi pun dah nak bulan puasa & nak buat cukur jambul kan...heheh..sorry yea lmbt siap ja smlm"

2nd SMS rec'd : "Irene owh ireneeee...Figurine & cuppies tu sedap...macam mkn gula yang best...:) baru rasa tadi...

Reply from Irene : "Thanks so much"...

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