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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Roses..Pink Roses..Roses...

"Garden - ooohhh Pink Roses"
...16pcs MMDC 2oz Moist Chocolate Cupcakes request frosted with Chocolate Ganache + deco with Buttercream Roses...forget the name of the orderer..sorry..

Thank you on your order & support


'Happy Birthday To You'
Nur Murni Wahab 14th July 2010

"Fresh Strawberry for someone Special"
...order from my regular customer that not really want to declare his name & a surprise gift to NurMurni Wahab at Angkasa, Kelana Jaya..Hope the birthday girl will enjoy the cuppies..

Thanks on your order & support to my reqular customer..

25pcs MMDC 2oz Moist Chocolate Cupcakes (some frosted with chocolate ganache + buttercream) top with Fresh Stawberry

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Q-Scha & Adam - Weekend @Midvalley, KL"

Seronok they'll enjoy their weekend @ Midvalley, KL..Baby Q-scha lagila seronok kan dah pandai jalan asyik gelakkan Baby Adam dalam stroller..Actually Baby Adam son of My hubby friend 'BOB' and wife dia Salwana are my BF (best-friend)..Here some photo by Sall during our Makan time..Tengoklah they'll very happy coz both of them on the table..hahaha...(dapatla both of them tlg we'll kemas kan table means opposite sepahkan table la)..  :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Edible Picture Available FOR SALE

Edible Picture For SALE on your choice of Cakes & Cupcakes..when you want to place order for Cakes & cupcakes you just advise me which & what edible you like for your Cakes & Cupcakes..Pls email me on your interest & I will quote you the price including edible as well.. place your order NOW!!! to get cheaper price start from 14th July to 14th August 2010..10% to 15% discount..

Barney & Friends - 1/2kg edible picture

Princess Theme - 1/2kg cakes

Football - 2oz & 2.5oz cuppies
(MMDC & MDC cupcakes)

BEN10 & Friends - 2oz & 2.5oz Cuppies

Spongebob - 2oz & 2.5oz

Barbie - 2oz & 2.5oz

Mickey & Minie Mouse - 2oz & 2.5oz

HELLO Kitty - 2oz & 2.5oz

RC Car - 2oz 7 2.5oz

BEN10 - 2oz & 2.5oz

Baby Mickey & Minie Mouse, Baby Donald Ducks
2oz & 2.5oz (MMDC & MDC)

Lovely Princess - 2oz & 2.5oz

FAST SALES CUPPIES - Chocolate Marble Cheese Cupcakes

SOLD - Marina Murphy

SOLD - Neighbour

SOLD - Regular Customer

Weekend - Activity Yummy-yummy

"Moist Chocolate cakes frosted with Oreo Crumb Buttercream with Fresh cream & sprinkles with chunky roasted almonds.."..uuiiiihhhh yummy-yummy