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Friday, January 29, 2010

Salam ...

Dah tengahari ni, nak bake cake 'Barbie Doll' and 'Crown Cupcakes' for bithday girl at Hicom, Shah Alam...birthday parties nyer tomorrow, pukul 4pm tapi kena sampai awal coz nak setting lagi..okay nanti kita besambung lagi chit chat lagi yeah....

Thanks for your order & support

iReNeBaKeLoVe TeAm
"..hope both of you enjoyed this picture,
"Happy Bithday Ryzal"..

'...Lu dah kena la beb...BANG..BANG..BOOM...'

...'at past 7pm we both reach Kota Damansara, serius I lambat sampai...
sorry to surayya coz jalan to Kota Damansara jammed... itu pun I dah cuba
ikut shortcut NKVE highway, tapi tersangkut
gak..once we'll sampai I terus call surayya
& naik lift to 3rd floor where her hubby is working..nak surprise
punya pasal tapi sampai takda orang la plak..
terpaksa call her (surayya) again to informed..
But last, last I teernampak orang & minta tolong panggilkan En.Yusfarizal..

Without any second, I ternampak kelibat "Birthday Boy" - En. Yusfarizal..
His shock at first because dia tak kenal I, after
I introduce myself (irene from Cupcakes Royale) his look curious at me..
this is some picture that I've taken...
Look at his face...SUURRRPPPRRRIISSSEEE..!!!!!!!



..'need to send stuff earlier to sunway..then deliver 2 boxes
of cupcakes with different occassions...
1 box with 'Footbal Theme LIVERPOOL' at Kota Damansara for 'suprise'
Birthday gift from Surayya to her hubby..
another 1 box for 'Hantaran' at Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam'...

"Purple Theme"

"Purple Theme Hantaran"

..'this order come from 1 of Pengawai at Jabatan Perpaduan & Integrasi
Malaysia for her 'BIG' day..she request for purple theme
cupcakes simple and you are...hope you love' it yeah..
send in me your 'BIG' day pic yeah..
thanks for your order and support..


"Cheese Tart"

"Creammy...Cheese Tart"

..'this order come from Eyna, Angkasa, Kelana Jaya..
she request to deliver the 'Chesse Tart' to her office at 11 am..
uuuiiihhh..banyak nyer order kali 100pcs..dia kata nak
buat makan-makan kat office nyer..hope u enjoy..all staff Angkasa,
nanti dah rasa jangan lupa order yea...

"Foot Ball Theme"

"Olee..Oleee.. Oleee.. LIVERPOOL, LIVERPOOL"

'you'll never walk alone'
...'that's for true, and this order come from surayya for her husband... surprise!!!!!!...ssssshhhtttt...(jgn bagitau hubby dia tau)..surrayya request me a birthday card but as her order pun a bit last minutes, I takut nak promise bleh dpt kan ke tak birthday card.. as order cheese tart and cupcakes blum buat lagi...sorry dear, but I advise her to write-in on top the cupcakes, lagi touching kan..hehehe..Hope u like it..enjoy..
^surayya, sorry yea lambat upload pic^

To : Surayya hubby
* Happy Birthday*, may GOD bless you

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"New Product"

....."Mini Cupcakes Pop & Bites".....

..yet without the stick..

..with the pop stick & ready to pack in soft clear
plastic & tied with color ribbon for individual packaging..

...irenebakelove bakery will launch our 'New Product',
Mini "Cupcakes Pop & Bites"
as soon my supplier can supply me the pop stick...
wait everyone it's on their way now... :0)

thank you for your order & support
;o) iReNeBaKeLoVe Team
012-655 9025

Activity Di Hujung Minggu Bersama Buah Hatiku

"..dialah partner biznes ku, dialah buah hatiku, dialah jantung ku,
dialah tawaku,
dialah segalanya..SEMPURNAaaaaaa.."
-my little 'LuLu'-


....selesai sudah hujung minggu sessi menghantar order cupcakes & Fancy cookies to customer...hari hujan plak tuh..tapi takpa hujan rahmat..-hujan yang turun bagaikan mutiara- (sempat nyanyi lagi tau hehehe)...alhamdullilah semua nyer berjalan dengan lancar...customer happy & I lagilah happy kan..hahahha...:)..hope next week nyer order dapat dibuat..apa2 pun irenebakelove team turut bekerjasama dengan baik skali...hehehe..syukur dia tak meragam...:-)'LuLu's you awesome..


....." Menu".....
To place an order please email me directly OR more easier contact me .
If you need to send attachment for the order, please send it seperate email to me:

Email :
Contact no : 012-655 9025 , 012-248 1609

Note : Price may subject to change from time to time

For Cakes order :
Cakes Choices

  • Moist Chocolate Cake
  • Almond Moist Chocolate Cake
  • Butter Cake (Vanilla / Orange)
  • Carrot Cake
  • Sponge Cake
For Cupcakes order :
Flavour for Cupcakes

  • Vanilla
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Chocolate
  • Moist Chocolate
Flavour For Topping
  • Vanilla
  • Orange
  • Chocolate Buttercream
  • Chocolate Ganache (+MYR10.00)
Other's Choices Cupcakes

"Gourmet Cupcakes"
  • Oreo Cupcakes (Buttercream/ Cheese Frosting/ Chocolate Ganache)
  • Carrot & Apples Cupcakes (Cheese Frosting)
  • Banana Cupcakes (Buttercream/ Cheese Frosting/ Chocolate Ganache)
  • Almond Moist Chocolate Cupcakes (Buttercream/ Cheese Frosting/ Chocolate Ganache)
  • Cadbury Cupcakes (Buttercream/ Chocolate Buttercream)
  • Marshmallow Cupcakes (Chocolate Ganache & Fresh Marshmallows)
  • Strawberry Cupcakes (Chocolate Ganache, Fresh Strawberry & ganishes)
  • etc...
Prices for the 'Gourmet Cupcakes' is MYR4.00 (Buttercream) , additional MYR5.00 for Cheese Frosting (except Carrot & apples Cupcakes)..Minimum order 16 pcs & 25 pcs
code : MDC (M) size cupcakes and 16pcs code : LDC (L) size cupcakes.

....."CATEGORY : 3D'S CAKES".....
Doll Cake Price
  • Buttercream Deco MYR150.00
  • Steam Buttercream MYR200.00
  • Fondant Deco MYR250.00
+ additional price for platform or underneath the Doll Cake (ask for the price)

Castle Cake Price
  • Buttercream Deco MYR150.00 to MYR200.00
  • Fondant Deco MYR250.00 to MYR300.00
Any other 3D's cakes eg : Football Field, LEGO, Train (Thomas & Friends), etc..Please contact me directly for the advise & consultations is "FREE".

Terms & Conditions : 3D's Cakes
(Order must be made 2 weeks before the Delivery/Self-picked up date)
(Last minute order accepted, additional MYR10.00)

....."CATEGORY : CAKES".....
  • Butter / Chocolate Cakes MYR50.00
  • Carrot Cakes MYR65.00
  • Sponge Cakes MYR45.00
  • Moist Chocolate Cakes RM60.00
+ Additional MYR10.00 for customized OR hand-drawn character
+ Additional MYR10.00 per kg for Wedding or Hantaran Cakes
+ Additional MYR18.00 for edible images and MYR25.00 on the edit per sheet/pcs edible images

(Note: (Edible Images) if you have your own picture, pls email me at, or you want our own choices of edible pictures let us know on your order)

Note : Cakes Size starts from 1kg

Other's cakes :
  • Pandan Layer Cake MYR65.00
  • Dates Cakes MYR55.00
  • Fruit Cakes (Bake or Steam) MYR45.00
  • Kek Lapis Sarawak (Seasonal)
  • Marble Cheese Cake MYR65.00
  • Brownies (Dark Choc, Mud Choc, Marble Cheese, Orange Mocha Brownies & etc) MYR50.00

Choices for 'Tartlets'
  • Blueberry Cheese Tart (50pcs) MYR40.00
  • Dark Cocoa Cheese Tart (50pcs) MYR40.00
  • Pineapple Cheese Tart (50pcs) MYR42.00
  • Strawberry Cheese Tart (50pcs) MYR38.00
  • Fresh Strawberry Choc Tart (50pcs) RM45.00
  • Chocolate Cheese Tart (50pcs) MYR40.00
  • Fruit Tartlets (50pcs) MYR40.00
"Creampuff" (25pcs (Medium) MYR 20.00per box, 50pcs (Small) MYR30.00) and

"Caramel" (packaging in individual boxes)
also available (prices may start from MYR1.30 to MYR1.80)..Please email us for prices in 'BULK' order at

....."Fancy Cookies".....

Fancy Cookies with Stick
2" size MYR2.50 + RM0.50
3" size MYR3.50 + RM0.50
4" size MYR4.50 + RM0.50

Fancy Cookies without stick
2" size MYR3.50 (2pcs per pack)
3" size MYR3.50 (1pcs per pack)
4" size MYR4.50 (1pc per pack)
  • Minimum order is 50 packs
(Order more that 500pcs or 250 packs, price is negotiable)

The above 'Fancy Cookies' price is served as a guideline only. Actual price depending on the customer's request. In most designs, Royal Icing & Fondant will be used.
Price is inclusive of individual packaging in clear soft plastic & tied with matching ribbon.

Please place your order '2 weeks in advance' allowing ample time discussions & negotiation on design & price.

Place your order today, earlier & 'Now', IreneBakeLove Team
will deliver the "Best Cakes, Cupcakes Ever You Had"...-Our Mission-

Thank you on your order & support
IreneBakeLove Team