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Friday, April 16, 2010

''Cuppies & Fancy Cookies''

''Football Fancy Cookies''

''Moist Chocolate Cuppies''

...this ordered was made on 12th April 2010 and need to be deliver to 
Sime Darby Plantation, Subang Jaya on 16th April 2010 
from Mdm. Lela (49pcs SDC x 2sets =98pcs cuppies) and 
her 'BOSS' order 50pcs ''Football Fancy Cookies''...
Hope you both enjoy..
Thank's on your order & support.. 

''Moist Chocolate Cakes''

"Moist Choc Cakes''
...this ordered on 15th April 2010, from Ija Seksyen, Shah Alam..she order this cake to celebrating her 1st Anniversarywith her ''Abang'' and ''Sayang'' (confius I jap)..sorry yea handwritting I tiba2 that day mengigil2 plak..Hope both of you enjoy with the cakes yea...
Thank on your order & support 

Mobile Testimonial : (the next morning) 16th April 2010 0740am
..morning kak aireen..Thanks kek semalam.Moist Chocolate Cakes smlm sgt2 sedap..kwn2 pun puji..nti nak try marble cheese cakes lak.. :)

''Marble Cheese Cakes''

''Marble Cheese Cakes for Jayanthi''

....this ordered on 12th April 2010 from Mala, HP, Cyberjaya..she order this 
 cakes and should be deliver on 13th April 2010 (actually ni pun last
minutes order gak lah, as malar requested sangat dah lah I ni tak bleh
nak reject when people really insist to give someone special)...
I plan to deliver the cakes in the 13th April morning
around 11am but before I plan todeliver the cakes I've
tried to call Ms Jayanthi at her office and mobile
but no answer..Once I consult Mala again, rupa-rupanya
Ms. jayanthi on her holiday to Sweeden..huhu..cian malar 
but it's OK, both of us decide to sent the cakes to
Ms.Jayanthi in Kg.Jawa, Klang on 
14th April by 3pm I arrived to Ms.Jayanthi house..
Once arrived I call the maid to get the 
cakes from me at also left a msg to Ms.Jayanthi once she's back Malaysia..
To Mala, Thank's on your order & support..

To: Ma.Jayanthi,
Happy Bithday to you and Hope you will enjoy the cakes with your family..
From : 
Irenebakelove Team

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Assalamualaikum & God Day to All,
We will update you on the list of prices for the bakery products very soon..
Hurry place your order by email me your details, If you interested to order :

Name :
Contact No.:
Email Add.:
Date & Time to pickup :
Choices of Products :
Flavour on Cakes :
Flavour on Cupcakes :
Frosting : Buttercream (Inclusive) / Choc Ganache (+MYR5) / Cream Cheese (+MYR6), any other choices please advised me seperately.
Writing or Wording :

Copy & paste details above and email me to
Any queries do not hesitate to contact me at
6-012-655-9025 or

Thank you on your order & support


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Teddy Bear Cakes - Coming Soon"

"Teddy Bear Cake"

...Dear valued & supportive clients out there, Irenbakelove Bakery will be upgrading our Irenbakelove Specialty with 3D's celebration cakes with new 'Pinky Teddy Bear', 'Mr & Mrs Teddy' very soon...Insyallah you can place your order start from 18th April 2010...Price for the cake will be announce later...

IreneBakeLove Team

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Fancy Cookies - Good Luck"

"Fancy Cookies - Good Luck"
....this ordered on 12th April 2010 by Arnilla from Sime Darby Plantation, Subang Jaya..
she ordered this set to gift her boyfriend motivation on his
coming examination..
To Arnilla's boyfriend 'Good Lock' in your exam yea..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Marble Cheese Cakes"

"Marble Cheese Cakes"
...this ordered on 11th April 2010 by Auntie Maziah for her daughter balik cuti so untuk makan2 family..Thanks again on your order, sorry yea for the previous request order for cuppies I terpaksa tolak as my order banyak and your order dah lambat so tak menang tangan dibuatnya..Hope to hear any order from you again..Enjoy.. :) 

"Football Cakes"

"Moist Chocolate Cakes"
...this ordered on 10th April 2010 from Port Klang (Ipah) hubby cousins, she request to order the Football Field Cakes to celebrate her Hubby Birthday..bertuah sungguh badan ya dapat wife yang organize birthday party for the husband...Thank's on your order & support yea..