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Friday, April 16, 2010

''Moist Chocolate Cakes''

"Moist Choc Cakes''
...this ordered on 15th April 2010, from Ija Seksyen, Shah Alam..she order this cake to celebrating her 1st Anniversarywith her ''Abang'' and ''Sayang'' (confius I jap)..sorry yea handwritting I tiba2 that day mengigil2 plak..Hope both of you enjoy with the cakes yea...
Thank on your order & support 

Mobile Testimonial : (the next morning) 16th April 2010 0740am
..morning kak aireen..Thanks kek semalam.Moist Chocolate Cakes smlm sgt2 sedap..kwn2 pun puji..nti nak try marble cheese cakes lak.. :)

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  1. jgn conpius2 kak aireen..hee...kek itu sungguh sedap!sgt2 teruja dgn hasil kerja kak aireen!