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Friday, April 16, 2010

''Marble Cheese Cakes''

''Marble Cheese Cakes for Jayanthi''

....this ordered on 12th April 2010 from Mala, HP, Cyberjaya..she order this 
 cakes and should be deliver on 13th April 2010 (actually ni pun last
minutes order gak lah, as malar requested sangat dah lah I ni tak bleh
nak reject when people really insist to give someone special)...
I plan to deliver the cakes in the 13th April morning
around 11am but before I plan todeliver the cakes I've
tried to call Ms Jayanthi at her office and mobile
but no answer..Once I consult Mala again, rupa-rupanya
Ms. jayanthi on her holiday to Sweeden..huhu..cian malar 
but it's OK, both of us decide to sent the cakes to
Ms.Jayanthi in Kg.Jawa, Klang on 
14th April by 3pm I arrived to Ms.Jayanthi house..
Once arrived I call the maid to get the 
cakes from me at also left a msg to Ms.Jayanthi once she's back Malaysia..
To Mala, Thank's on your order & support..

To: Ma.Jayanthi,
Happy Bithday to you and Hope you will enjoy the cakes with your family..
From : 
Irenebakelove Team

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