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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Marble Chesse Cakes frosting Chocolate Ganache with Fresh Strawberry

...ordered on 25th June 2010 to surprise her beloved BF (Shah Afindy) at his office.."HAPPY BIRTHDAY EN.SHAH AFINDY" may GOD Bless you..

 Thank you on your order & support..

Marble Chesse Cakes with Chocolate Ganache

"Marble Chesse Cakes with Chocolate Ganache"
..this order from Kak Mimi from Shah Alam on 25th June 2010..she request to write on the cakes 'BON VOYAGE to EN. AMIR & SAPURA' tapi wtitting error 'BON VOYAGE to EN.AMIR & SURAYA'...sorry 100x yea kak Mimi i tersalah tulis plak..

Thank you on your order & support..

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolatte..

...ordered by student name Aby from ??? (lupa plak apa nama kolej nyer) on 24th June 2010..she order 36pcs SDC for her project presentation..Honour to bake for them & dalam masa yang dapat membantu student2 tu confident on their presentation..Thank you on you order & support gurl's..

Monday, June 21, 2010

Strawberry Paradise Cakes..

Weekend yang mengemukkan..hahaha..
Base : Butter Cakes (Chilled)
Frosting : Fresh Whipped Cream
Garnish : Fresh Strawberry (Chunk)

Wedding 4tiers LV Suitcase with Mr. & Mrs, Teddy Bear

19th June 2010 - 2600pcs Cupcakes on the Tables on Nazri & Liena Wedding Reception at MIECC, Mines Resorts

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Marble Butter Cakes in Kemboja Mould (M)

100packs of Marble Butter Cakes in Kemboja Mould (M) size of cakes order for doorgift
(Kendur1 Doa Selamat)

Chocloate Banana Cakes

Chocolate Banana Cakes with Chocolate Ganache Frosting
& Deco with Fresh Strawberry & Banana on Top

Variety of Cuppies on SALE

"Wedding Hantaran"
...Order by Auntie Maziah from Sungai Buloh..request to have Pink & White Theme for her relatives son wedding hantaran..Self-picked up at my place on 12th June 2010..Sorry yea lambat nak menyiapkan wedding hantaran cakes..It's Strawberry Butter Cakes+Frosted with buttercream & finished with Royal Icing & fondant..
To : Firdaus & Noridah
Selamat Bertunang

'Tartlets & Creampuff'
...oreded by my neighbour (Kak Ani) office friend's for kenduri..Fruit Tartlets, Blueberry Cheese Tart & Creampuff..Ad-Hoc order and terlupa nak snap picture for creampuff..sorry la yea sangat2..Kak Ani friend's also order untuk Hantaran Cuppies 16pcs LDC with Red & White Theme..

"Selamat Bertunang Naziha & Salleh"


Flower, Butterfly & Ladybird Buttercream Cuppies

'MMDC Cuppies'
...oreded by ROHA RHB Bangi but she stayed at Klang..self picked up on 9th June 2010..sory yea lambat update..busy sngat with order..Hope your daughter enjoy..