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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Dear Everyone,

We are VERY pleased to announce that our JULY ORDER is now open.

Please review our  MENU at left Top Corner of my blog.

You can email us your order at with all these details.

( copy paste)

1. Name:

2. Contact number :

3. Pick-up point & date : ( important )

4. Cakes :

5. Cupcakes :

6. Quantity :

7. Size :

8. Flavor :

9. Topping : ButterCream / Chocolate Ganache / Fondant

10. Theme and color of design :

11. Write up message :

12. Budget :

Thanks and Take Care,
Irenebakelove Team

Monday, June 7, 2010

"Pertunangan Zatil & Raitu"
...this oredered by Nisa from Bentong to surprise her best friend on her 'BIG' day as her not managed to drive down on the day 6th June 2010..Zatil so surprise that day sambil ingin tahu siapakah pengirimnya...
To Zatil & Raitu : Semoga dirahmati dengan Limpah KurnianNYA di hari Persandingan nanti..
from Irenebakelove Team

16pcs LDC Hantaran Cupcakes

"Barney in the Park"

"Barney, BJ & Baby Bob relaxing in the park"
...this for my daughter birthday 'Aqeelah Aireessya'..she turns 1year young this year..

"16pcs LDC Hantaran Cuppies"
...this ordered by Hastuty from Kota Kemoning, she order Peach. Creme & white theme for her brother engagement (if I x silap)..Thank you on your order & support..

'16pcs LDC Hantaran Cupcakes'
....this ordered by Wani for her aunt daughter wedding (if I'm not mistaken) on 4th june 2010..she picked-up by herself at my place..she ordered brown, Creme & White Hantaran Cupcakes
Hope you like the results..Thank you on your order & support..

'MMDC cuppies'
...this order from my previous customer Sal from UNISEL,Shah Alam on 3rd June 2010..she plan to celebrate her friend birthday as the boy name given 'Qaramil'..
To birthday boy : Happy Birthday from Irenebakelove Team