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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"SpongeBob SquarePants Cakes & Numbers Cupcakes"
...this order from Nisa, Shah Alam for her Father 57th Bithday & SponeBob SquarePants for her beloved anak buah 1st Birthday Mikail..Hope you'll happy & enjoy yea..
Thanks on your order & support yea...

SpongeBob SquarePants Cakes

57pcs Numbers Cuppies

"Oreo Cupcakes & Fruit Tartlets"
...this order from Sis Marina, Murphy Oil..she ordered 50pcs Fruit Tartlets & 16pcs oreo Cuppies for the meeting..Thanks sis for your order & support yea..

16pcs Oreo Cupcakes

50pcs Fruit Tartlets
Celebrations Cakes

Yes! I do custom cake for any event- birthday, wedding, festival, graduations, anniversary, corporate launching, get-to-gether party, etc. The cakes are all made from scratch and can be done in virtually any design. Just think about how much fun your kids, family members, colleagues; guest etc will have at the special event with special cake, cupcakes and other’s bakery products!

Please take note as below before placing your order:

1. The frosting for all cake will be vanilla buttercream excepts for Carrot walnut cake with cream cheese frosting.

2. Knife and normal candle will be provided.

3. Minimum weight is about 1.2kg++ (depending on cake flavour type) and the pan size is 8".

4. Cake 8" size suitable to serve about 10-15 guest. Bigger size is 12" that can be served to about 30-35 guest and 18"x9" rectangle size for more than 40 guest.

Cake Flavour

• Vanilla Butter Cake +RM50

• Strawberry Butter Cake +RM50

• Oreo Butter Cake +RM55 (best selling!)

• Chocolate Marble Orange Cake +RM55

• Vanilla Marble Strawberry Cake +RM55

• Moist Chocolate Cake +RM60 (best selling!)

• Sponge Cakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, etc) +RM45

• Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake +RM65

• Carrot Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese +RM65


• Round

• Square +RM2

• Rectangle +RM2

• Love+RM2

Frosting / Topping

• Vanilla Buttercream

• Chocolate Buttercream +RM8

• Strawberry Buttercream +RM8

• Lemon Buttercream +RM8

• Chocolate Ganache +RM10

• Vanilla Buttercream + Choc dripping +RM3

• Choc Buttercream + Choc dripping +RM10

• Strawberry Buttercream + Choc dripping +RM10


• Strawberry Cream Jam +RM5

• Blueberry Cream Jam +RM5

• Chocolate Cream +RM5

• Chocolate Ganache +RM5

Other Additional Items

• Fondant Cut out to spell your word

- up to 15pcs alphabets +RM2

- up to 25pcs alphabets +RM5

• Fondant Cut out to spell your word with stick and base +RM1/word

• Drawing with Piping Jelly ++ from RM30

• Edible Image

- Image only +RM18

- Image with editing +RM25

• 2D & 3D modelling ++from RM30

• Small Animal Figurines ++RM3

• Original Toy ++from RM20

• "Happy Birthday" Sign +RM1


• Normal

• Fancy Candles +RM2

• Giant Numbering Candles +RM2

• Happy Birthday Alphabets Candles +RM5

Special Item: For stacked cakes, please email me for additional quotation.

Please contact me thru my email or or my handphone : 012-655 9025 (Aireen)