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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cream Puff - In the processing

Siakap - Special Recipe with Special Bumbu

** if anyone intereted to have irenebakelove special recipe for this "Ikan Bakar - Siakap", kindly email to me

Thanks, Irene

Gift / Favor / Party Box especially for Theme Birthday Party

Party / Favor / Gift Box

Mickey Mouse - BLUE
Code : BL01

Mickey Mouse - RED
Code: RD02

Disney Princess - PINK
Code: DP03

Code: BN04

Disney Pooh - YELLOW
Code: PH05

Disney Barbie - PURPLE
Code: BB06
(currently out of stock, will update soon)

Hello Kitty - PINK
Code: HK07

* All above items RM2.90 per box if you take in big amount like 50pcs to 100pcs you will entitle 5%-10% discount..Pls contact me to negotiate the price yea..Thank you

Cream Puff - Repeat Order

"Repeat Order"
...thanks to Eira, Seksyen 24, Shah Alam on the compliment given after she & her family had my Fruit Tartlets & Creampuff on 4th December 2010..."Hi irene thx for ystrdy delicious puff n fmly love it so it possible to order n get 50pcs cream puff n get it by today? dated 5th December 2010 "....
tapi i terpaksa tunda her order & pickup on 6th December 2010 night as busy with other's nyer order...

Thanks you on your kind compliment, interest & order with us..Thanks
Irenebakelove Team

Chocolate Marble Cheese Cakes-simple deco (repeat order)

"Marble Cheese Cakes"
...order by my regular customer Prem, Murphy dated on 6th December 2010..for her beloved son birthday ...Thank you on your continue support & order...

Moist Chocolate Cakes

"Moist Chocolate Cakes - MCC"
Moist Chocolate Cakes layered with Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate Ganache Frosting
Chocolate Roses
RM70 - RM80
size 8" 1.6kg - 1.8kg
- suitable for all occasions and eg above suitable for "Hantaran Cake" as the Floral Deco..

Barney & Friend's Birthday Cake

"Cartoon Artwork - Barney and Friend's"
Chocolate spongecake Layered Chocolate Buttercream
Piping Jelly
size 7" 1.3kg

English Donuts - Chocolate Almond

"English Donuts - Chocolate Almond" products from Irenebakelove, it's English Donuts - Chocolate Almond Flavor and i do have few flavor coming up soon..Watch Out guy's!!!! Minimum order 25pcs and size 8-9cm diameter and the price will be update soon...

Hurry!!!Hurry!!!Hurry!!! to make your order NOW....

Fruit Tartlets & Creampuff

"Fruit Tartlets & Creampuff"
..this order from Eira, Seksyen 24, Shah Alam order 100pcs Fruit Tartlets & 100pcs Creampuff on 4th December 2010..self-pickup at Wisma Jakel, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam..i think all above for kenduri...Thanks eira for your interest & order..Thank you

Garden Theme : Syaza Najwa 8 years

"Garden Theme"
...this order from Ina, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam for her lovely daughter "Syaza Najwa" that turns 8 on 4th December 2010..actual birthday date is on 8th December 2010 (todayla) tapi working day tak leh la nak celebrate katanya...
Ina sms: "irene, its so lovely tapi that day birthday girl demam but when I sampai rumah after pickup cakes from you and show her, dia tergamam sampai tutup mulut tengok cakes..she so happy..terus sihat..hehehe..Thanks so much on your effort to fullfil my daughter wish yea..Thanks again"

Irene reply: "That's my job ina..hope to hear from you again for your upcoming order"...

Thanks on your continue support & order yea..

Banana Fritters & Fried Chicken Coctail - Weekend

Jamuan makan2 untuk family di hujung minggu..Banana Fritters & Fried Chicken Cocktail..