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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Annoucement - Thank You

Dear to All my beloved customer,

FYI, I'm so busy with order & classes until tak menyempatkan diri untuk meng'update all picture..ada juga order yang last minutes sampai tak sempat nak snap picture..


1) Sya from Seksyen 28, 50pcs Fruit Tartlet & 50pcs Small Creampuff..(dah jadi my regular customer, she really cravings my tartlets and creampuff sampai msg i nearly midnight as she cravings to eat my tartlets & creampuff) To sya, thank you so much for your continue support.

2) 50pcs Blueberry Cheese Tart & 50pcs Fruit Tartlets - order (dah terlupa sapa namanyer)

3) 100pcs Blueberry Cheese Tart - Seksyen 24 (nama dah terlupa)

4) etc order tapi dah lupa nama as kelam kabut siapkan current order & last minutes order:
- Oreo Cupcakes, Moist Chocolate Cakes, Marble Cheese Cakes, apa lagi yea..dah tak ingat dah namanya

All above nearly end of November nyer order..To my customer yang order 1 set Hantaran Cupcakes (Theme: Sea creatures (Octopus, Tapak Sulaiman, Tiram & etc) Black & White) & 1 set of Hexagon Fondant Cake Hantaran (Theme : Pink & Silver), Pls email me your picture as i tak sempat snap as my camera that time tiba2 "Kaput" tak dapat nak snap la...Plllssss yea really appreciate that..

That's all for now, nanti i akan update lagi new picture for Decemeber 2010 order yea..

Thank you on your continues support & interest with us.

Irenebakelove Team

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