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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Party 'LuLu' on 5th June 2010

"Alissya' my little 'LuLu' friend

- To all , sorry yea baru dapat update pic my little 'LuLu' Birthday picture pun baru siap and burn in CD & I pun baru jer transfer all pic dalam my pen-drive..thaadaaa..this all pieces on the birthdya party 'LuLu'..

Activity - A night at i-City

Birthday on 6.6.2010 - Alissya

"Alissya Birthday 1 year at A&W"
...activity for my little 'LuLu' friend at A& sweet kan both of them my 'LuLu' (Aqeelah Aireessya)deliver 2nd June 2009 and her friend Alissya on 4th June 2009..

..kecik2 both of them dah pandai posing kan..comell nyer..

Pillow Cakes

"Pillow Cakes"
...order from BWW Group on 23th of May 2010..