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Friday, April 9, 2010


"Blueberry Cheese Tart & Fruit Tarts"
...this ordered on 9th April 2010, by Ima from Kuala Lumpur (which part of KL, i'm not sure la)..she ordered 50pcs Blueberry Cheese Tart & 50pcs Fruit Tarts for her & family makan2..
Thank to Ima & her family to wait me as the traffic near my house very bad during weekday..she self-picked up at my house near i-City, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam (6pm)..

Thank's on your order & support yea..

Mobile Testimonial : Salam Irene, smlm sblm smpi uma je..separuh box kitaorg makan..Geram tgk...Comey2..Hehe..Sedap :) I dah smpn fridge your advise..Tq :)

'Marble Cheese Cakes'

"Marble Cheese Cakes"
...this ordered  on 9th April 2010, from my regular Customer Zida from Angkasa..this 'Marble Cheese Cakes' for her to celebrate her best-friend birthday at One Utama, Bandar Utama..
Thank you on your order & support Zida..
To Birthday Sweet Girl : Happy 32th Birthday..May God Bless You...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Hubby Birthday Celebration"

"Marble Cheese Cakes"
...actual my hubby birthday was on 23rd March 2010, as his sister also 
birthday on 28th March 2010 (His sister 'Nuruliza' ni extra skit OKU), 
so I bake the 'Marble Cheese Cakes' to celebrate both 
of them on 29th March hubby requested to 
have the 'Marble Cheese Cakes' as dia kata dah lama tak makan, 
then I decide to bake to celebrate his birthday..

To: Daddy (Hubby)
..Thanks for everything, take care of your health as we care, 
we'll LOVE you daddy..
from us Mummy & Qeescha ('LuLu')

...tengoklah tue, all the kids so excited with
the Cakes..Sampai berebut nak amik Flower Fondant
as memang all of them suka my fondant Flower as they
said macam 'chewing gum' la auntie..

" Fancy Cookies - Butterfly again"

"Butterfly - Fancy Cookies again"
...this ordered for last week tapi tak sempat2 nak
buatkan for my customer at Sime Darby, Subang Jaya for makan2..
Thank on your and Thank's so much for waiting as I banyak
kali tertunda untuk deliver to you...Deliver to her on 4th April 2010...

Thank's on your order & support...IreneBakeLove Team

'Wedding Activity - Weekend'

'Weekend Activity on 4th April 2010' husband friend wedding at Section 7, Shah Alam near to my house
at the UMNO Dewan Shah daughter sampai
mengantuk when nak balik dari wedding..tengoklah tu
comei nyer my little 'LuLu' grown up (10months on 2nd April 2010)..
windu nyer mummy masa 'LuLu' newborn till 5months..

'Moist Chocolate Cakes'

"Moist Chocolate Cakes"

...this ordered on 3rd April 2010 from my neighbour 'Kak Ani' to
celebrate her beloved son 'Sharein Syafiq' that turn him 14 years young
on the same day 3rd of April 2010..
To Birthday Boy : Happy Birthday & study smart on your
becoming 'PMR' yea..
Good Luck from Auntie Irene & Uncle Adeeb k..

'Chocolate Marble Cheese Cakes'

"1 1/2kg Chocolate Marble Cheese Cakes"
..this ordered on 2nd April 2010 from my sister-in-law for her office
 "Birthday Boy Celebration"-5-ZAL, POJIE & EIZAD..
3 boys skaligus to celebrate their birthday..Hope you
guy's enjoy the Chocolate Marble Cheese Cakes yea..

"Bid Farewell to My Liliana from Jakarta"

''Liliana yang ditengah tu"

"Fruit Tartlets and Chocolate Banana Cakes"
...this ordered from my office on 31st March2010
(specific my department-project dept_Murphy Sarawak Oil Co, LTD)
to celebrate or Collegue that will finished her contract and going back to her hometown in Jakarta for good on 10th April 2010
(To: Liliana ..kita tak sempat bermesra Kamu tinggalin aku sudah, tapi mogaketemu di Jakarta yea..)
50pcs Fruit Tarts and Chocolate Banana Cakes (tp Chocolate Banana Cakes x sempat nak amik gambar as my Camera tertinggal and my phone bateri kong plak hari tuh..ish..ish..)

50pcs Fruit Tarts

"Fast Sales Cuppies - SOLD OUT"

"SOLD OUT cuppies for FAST SALES"

..thanks to all yang dah purchase 'FAST SALES' cuppies..we'll be back again for next week for 'FAST SALES' tartlets "FRUIT TART" and "BLUEBERRY CHEESE TART", maybe about 5 boxes or less 
(1 box with 25pcs) , Insyallah you can mixed (if available of 2 choices of the tartlets)..
Cuppies for 'FAST SALES' - 2 boxes of 16pcs or 25pcs with variety cuppies (upon the availability)...Booking is open 'NOW'..
Please contact us by SMSing, CALLing or EMAILing us on your details to 
012-655 9025 or 017-651 7509 and, and