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Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Hubby Birthday Celebration"

"Marble Cheese Cakes"
...actual my hubby birthday was on 23rd March 2010, as his sister also 
birthday on 28th March 2010 (His sister 'Nuruliza' ni extra skit OKU), 
so I bake the 'Marble Cheese Cakes' to celebrate both 
of them on 29th March hubby requested to 
have the 'Marble Cheese Cakes' as dia kata dah lama tak makan, 
then I decide to bake to celebrate his birthday..

To: Daddy (Hubby)
..Thanks for everything, take care of your health as we care, 
we'll LOVE you daddy..
from us Mummy & Qeescha ('LuLu')

...tengoklah tue, all the kids so excited with
the Cakes..Sampai berebut nak amik Flower Fondant
as memang all of them suka my fondant Flower as they
said macam 'chewing gum' la auntie..

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