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Friday, January 29, 2010

"Foot Ball Theme"

"Olee..Oleee.. Oleee.. LIVERPOOL, LIVERPOOL"

'you'll never walk alone'
...'that's for true, and this order come from surayya for her husband... surprise!!!!!!...ssssshhhtttt...(jgn bagitau hubby dia tau)..surrayya request me a birthday card but as her order pun a bit last minutes, I takut nak promise bleh dpt kan ke tak birthday card.. as order cheese tart and cupcakes blum buat lagi...sorry dear, but I advise her to write-in on top the cupcakes, lagi touching kan..hehehe..Hope u like it..enjoy..
^surayya, sorry yea lambat upload pic^

To : Surayya hubby
* Happy Birthday*, may GOD bless you


  1. its ok lah..tq once again!! he just love it!!

  2. TQ..for your order & support yea..Irenebakelove Team