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Monday, July 5, 2010

Irenebakelove Homemade Cookies 2010

Salam All, Irenebakelove Homemade Cookies Comes again.. Pls make your arrangment to order the cookies for 2010 Hari Raya Celebration..Pls email me your order & we also do the delivery to your office 2 weeks before you on leave for your Hari Raya Celebration..It's cheaper, cheapers & cheapest price & worth it..

Irene's BakeLove Homemade Cookies (Large Packaging)

Mazola 65pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Buah Gajus 70pcs RM28.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Almond Cookies 85pcs RM25.00 per box

Broken Heart 70pcs RM25.00 per box

Almond Suji 90pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Chocolate Ball 55pcs RM25.00 per box

Almond Chocolate Cookies 65pcs RM25.00 per box

Chocolate Chips 55pcs RM25.00 per box

Love Boat 55pcs RM25.00 per box

Manik 60pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Melati 65pcs RM25.00 per box

Makmur 55pcs RM28.oo per box (best selling!!!traditional cookies!!!)

Pineapple Tarts 50pcs RM28.00 per box (Top selling!!!)

Roll Tarts 55pcs RM28.00 per box (Top Selling!!!)

Royal Chocolate 55pcs RM28.00 per box

Samprit 65pcs RM28.00 per box

Samprit Chocolate 70pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Snowball 54pcs RM25.00 per box

Suji Gajus 65pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Coffee Fingers 80pcs RM25.00 per box

Suji 75pcs RM25.00 per box

London Almond 55pcs RM25.00 per box (best selling!!!)

Biskut Bangkit Kelapa 50pcs RM25.00 per box (Top selling!!!)

others : Pelbagai Kerepek ON SALE, pls email or SMS me to enquiry...

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