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Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Baby Theme"

"Syaza Aleya 4th Birthday Party"

"Baby Theme"

...this ordered from my neighbours K.Ina for her beloved daughter "Syaza Aleya" is 4yrs young (26th Feb 2010)...becoz of her beloved daughter love & request a newborn baby as her suka sangat with K.Ina request i to do 'Baby Theme Cakes' this are the results..

Testimony : ..thanks dear, on the cute, superb, cantik, moist, 'sedap' cakes & my daughter suka sangat bila dia buka kotak ja terus jerit ...
(eeee cantik nyer, best la cakes ni..cantikk..)
- the cakes very moist tau, all the tetamu puji your cakes..

Thks also for the gift (25pcs Rainbow ButterCakes)..(x smpt i nak amik pic cupcakes)

Rainbow ButterCake
Buttercream Frosting & Fondant Deco

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