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Friday, March 12, 2010

"Goodies Bag for Kenduri"

"Goodies Bag"
...this ordered 80packs of "Goodies bag" on 10th March, 2010 
by Kak Julie, ready to be sent to her sister office at 
Toyota  Office Branch at Klang Town at 
Lunch  time by my beloved Hubby..Thanks on the delivery yeah..

Dear Kak Julie,
 I'm sorry coz tak dapat nak amik order last minutes untuk top-up lagi 
20 packs (Earlier 80 packs) of this 'Goodis Bag" as I don't have any 
 extra of the goodies paper bag with the same color...
 Anyway thanks on your order & support..
seronok deal ngan you walaupun u dalam 'Confinement' lagi but 
still you do the preparation..I doakan kenduri berjalan dengan lancar..Insyallah
From, IrenebakeLove Team
...ready to packed in Individual 'Goodies Paper  Bag'...
..ready packed & waiting for the Muffin to baked..
'In the Making of Fancy Cookies'
....with 2pcs 1" Fancy Cookies will be packed in soft plastic bag..this for the "Goodies Bag" that ordered by Kak Julie on 10th March, 2010..


  1. Thanks for the lovely goodies with very nice taste of the muffin & cookies..planning to order some more next time..just for makan2 with my heroes..hubby also..until now remember ur very nice muffin..dorg nak order next time nak display kat kedai dobi company dorg for their customer ..later I let u know..but until now cannot imagine laa how u handle so many order from ur customer..u do it alone ke?..or ur lulu give her hand to help you?..hahahah

  2. Thank's on your order & support dear..all i do it's my passion..hahaha..Thank's on your compliment..Hope to hear from you..If nak order to do display, I can advise you on that later..
    My little 'LuLu', she 'great', very independent (Al-hamdulillah)..