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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Info - Baking Classes

Dear Everyone,

For long time, people keep asking when Irenebakelove Bakery (Me, myself and Irene) can start back to teach baking classes again. Surprisingly I've made my mind and found one of my baking assisstant (for weekend) my customer demand on the bakery items & classes very high, so I've decided to teach again....-Al-hamdulillah-

Anyone who kind interested on my 'Baking Classes', kindly drop me an email on your interest as I will teach you upon my schedule & your availability date to OR (Best kan, senang you'll nak plan date, time..hehehe)..All the Classes Fees will be advised on our discussion later..(tak mahal pun...hehehe)..

I also interested to Teach Baking Classes at your convenience as eg: you fix 2-3paxs at your house, place which everyone have the same learning Module eg: Tartlets (2-3paxs) BasicCupcakes, 3D's Cakes & Cupcakes..etc..I will drive down myself to your house, place to teach you in your nesting area..You love this, pick-up your mobile or laptop and press my phone number or email address..To place your seat on the classes..Insyallah I will update the Module Classes & Date that I available yea..(FYI & easy monitoring on your schedule) also can "Mix & Match" your interest baking classes in 1 day and pls advsied in advance on your interest..Hope to hear from you'll again..

Thank you on your Order & Support
Irenebakelove Team

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