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Monday, August 23, 2010


"Tart Shell on Sale"

Quantity : 1Box (50pcs)

1) Order from Isya from Cheras (100pcs Tart Shell + 500gm Blueberry Filing + 500gm Philadephia Cream Cheese) on 23rd August 2010 - Self-picked up at Tower 2, KLCC

2) Order from Shahirah (50pcs Tart Shell) - Self-picked up at CiMB, KLCC

Thank you all for the order & support...

* after chatting with Isya from Cheras, borak punya borak she said she add me on Facebook, bila tengok picture I, she said macam familiar..FYI, Isya sebenarnya my junior, junior 4year when our school at Bukit Bintang Girl School, Kuala Lumpur but Now people known as "PAVILION"...urrggghhh sedih giler kan..Hope to hear from you again Isya..Thank you on your order & support..

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