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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Dear to All my customer last weekend,

I really sorry as my Memory Card - Camera do the same trick agian that need to be reformat and some of my picture Im trying very hard to retrieved again the cake, cupcakes & functions on Saturday 18th December 2010 & 19th December 2010..(Dear Hazelliana, if you read over my blog I really need your big favor to email me the Birthday Celebrations Cake, Birthday Girl & Birthday Boy picture, Dessert Buffet Tabke, Buffet Table with the Tartlets and etc picture (if you email me extra picture then I can highly choose with is OK to upload)..Thank You dear)..

Hantaran Cake. (Cust Shuhadah) Thank you very much on the picture given as my camera buat hal plak ada picture yg okay then ada picture tak cantik..Once you dapat my msg ni, I really highly recommended from your brother to email me the Hantaran Cake picture
(1 White Silver Pillow Cake & 1 Orange Gold Cake)...
Thank you so much on your order & continue support...

To all my lovely cutomer out there, January order already open..Pls make an arrangement on your upcoming celebrations as I will update the latest post promotions..

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